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Java / J2EE Application Development

Our team has over the decade created a niche capability to provide software development services using Java/J2ee technology. We ensure high application quality and shortened development cycles by employing the best-in-class Java/J2ee Application Development framework in our development work as per the project requirements. We provide design and development services to deliver software that efficiently utilize the services available from Java/J2ee application servers and the Java/J2ee framework. we offers a one-stop solution for all your requirements by utilizing the power of Java/J2EE in developing future applications & services.
Advantages of Developing with JAVA/J2EE
We have extensively worked in J2EE and J2ME. Our strength in J2ME helps us offer wireless solutions to companies that wish to integrate wireless mobile framework based applications into their existing applications. Our expertise in databases includes Oracle (7, 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g), MS SQL Server, My SQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase, IBM DB2 and Ms Access.
  • Application Framework
    Struts, Spring, Hibernate, GWT, RichFaces, Apache Wicket, Grails, Liferay, Jersey, Axis
  • Technologies
    J2EE , JSP , Servlet , JSF , JDBC , JPA , RMI , Swing , AJAX , JSON , Web Services , EJB
  • Operating System
    Windows, Linux, Unix , Mac
  • Application and Webserver
    JBOSS , Tomcat , Glassfish , Oracle Weblogic , Jetty , IBM Websphere , OC4J , Oracle Application Server, Google App Engine
  • Development Tool
    JDeveloper , Netbeans , Eclipse , Apache Ant , Apache Maven, Junit , Find Bugs, PMD
  • BI & Reporting Tool
    Pentaho , JasperSoft
  • Database
    Oracle , MySQL , MSSQL , MongoDB , HsqlDB
  • It is an open source, so users do not have to struggle with license fees
  • Platform independent
  • Automatic memory management
  • Customization of .NET Applications
  • Security, Exception specifications
  • Multi-platform support language and support for web-services
  • Develop dynamic web applications
Java / J2EE Application Development Overview

Web based application development using Java/ J2EE

Our established user-interface (UI) designs allow us to construct strong J2EE web applications that are easy to use by users. We develop web applications through authoritative server-side scripting using Java/J2EE. Our Java application development collection includes content management systems (CMS), Web 2.0 applications extensible to mobile platforms, third-party integration, Facebook integration and many more.

Desktop application development – Java/J2EE

Java Developers team utilizes most recent Java application tools to build up multi-platform desktop applications and business solutions. With past skills in User Interface design, we have distributed multipart applications with simple designs that enable a better user experience

Enterprise application development – Java/J2EE

One of the core areas where My Virtual Teams has do extremely well is the enterprise application development on varied prospers, as well as J2EE. With an experienced, experts team of J2EE developers & integration specialists; we’ve developed multi-tier software solutions. Our J2EE enterprise application development service entails:

  • Data reliability and safety
  • Bunch and load balancing
  • Workflow administration
  • Reusable module development
  • Application consulting and business processes


Professional Java/J2EE developers must save your cost and time!

Our Java/J2EE application development team is skilled in handling web application development and scalable enterprise solutions.

  • Technologies: Java, J2EE(JSP/Servlets/JDBC), J2ME
  • Frameworks: Spring, Hibernate, Struts, Ant
  • Technologies: Java, J2EE(JSP/Servlets/JDBC), J2ME
  • Database Servers: Oracle 8i/9i/10g, MySQL 4.x/5.x, MS SQL
  • Application Servers: Apache Tomcat, JBoss

My Virtual Teams assist contributed-Agile as a chosen software development method across all raised area. Our client’s assistance from this approach for frequent cause:

  • Pre determinations of high risks whether functional or technical.
  • Time to develop an application reduces significantly

We also contribute application development on Linux and Windows.  Ongoing Maintenance is a significant part of any software development life cycle. We help our customers to keep improve, expand and optimize existing Java/J2EE applications.

Effectively execute Java/J2EE applications across certain business:

  • Real Estate
  • E-Commerce
  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Inventory Management
  • Social Networking
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