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A.R.E. Network Solutions Physical Security software and hardware facilitates the capture, transmission, viewing, recording, archiving, and management of analog and IP video sources and provides electronic access control. Engineered with network and video expertise, A.R.E. Network Solutions Physical Security standards-based products:

  •   Deliver easy, secure access to live and recorded video
  •   Use the IP network as a platform to deploy electronic access control
  •   Provide excellent scalability, reliability, and availability
  •   Simplify deployment and control of new security applications
  •   Lower operational costs
  •   Protect existing physical security systems investments
  •   Support multivendor device and applications interoperability
  •   Facilitate a smooth migration from analog to digital to full IP

As a result, A.R.E. Network Solutions provides solutions that can be deployed in a wide range of scenarios, including:

Schools and Colleges

  •   Hundreds to thousands of cameras
  •   Full-motion video, high-resolution images
  •   24-hour video storage
  •   Analog and network-based systems
  •   Typical applications include airports, casinos, city centers, and universities


  •   Onsite and remote video monitoring
  •   Motion-triggered recording
  •   Local and remote storage
  •   Integration with other security and business systems
  •   Typical applications include schools, retail stores, and hospitals


  •   Remote Web access to live and recorded video
  •   Bandwidth-sensitive applications
  •   Mobile and wireless deployments
  •   Typical applications include border controls, pipelines, remote facilities, and roadways.

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