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A.R.E. Network Solutions personnel have years of experience with computer systems. We understand the latest technologies and will work with you to find quality computers, peripherals and supplies to meet your needs. We also supply large, gigabyte harddrives for file server storage. A.R.E. Network Solutions will ship directly to end users such as banks, factories and businesses or to retail stores selling computer products to the public. If you are a wholesale distributor, we welcome the opportunity to do business with you.

A.R.E. Network Solutions only ships quality systems and components which have a good record of reliability. We can also supply you with large quantities of hard drives, floppy drives, memory chips, FAX modems, CD-ROMs and sound cards to assemble computers in your country with quality components. Color monitors, color scanners, plus bubble jet and laser printers are also available through A.R.E. Network Solutions.

Buy your computer paper, and printer supplies from A.R.E. Network Solutions as well. Hundreds of computer software programs may be purchased through A.R.E. Network Solutions. We have a large selection of Educational and Office productivity software. Just let us know what you need.

When you send your E-MAIL or FAX, please be as specific as possible about the brand names you want us to buy, the quantity you need and to which airport you want them delivered. We can ship to any International Airport in the world which is convenient for you to claim your equipment. All manufacturers' warranties, shipping and insurance documents for you to clear Customs will be sent with each delivery. We will notify you by e-Mail or FAX prior to arrival and send duplicate sets of documents so you have them ready to clear customs.

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