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Software piracy is consistently on the increase worldwide due to the fact that many companies and organizations could be fuelling this criminal activity unknowingly thus putting their companies at high risk should they be requested for a software audit by the BSA (Business Software Alliance).

A.R.E. Network Solutions has been providing organizations of all sizes and across all business sectors with customized, Microsoft software Volume Licensing solutions that are geared to optimizing operational efficiencies and actively assisting clients to fulfill their growth objectives, while maximizing their software benefits. Furthermore our motto is value added software service assisting companies in gaining the maximum benefits from their Microsoft software investments.

Hardware theft is also on the increase. According to the US Government and Insurance Industry Statistics, over TWO MILLION computers were stolen in the USA in the last three years Worldwide statistics are proportionally similar. According to the police force, only 3% of stolen computers are EVER recovered. Hardware can be replaced, however all the company & personal data will be un-retrievable.

A.R.E. Network Solutions specializes in notebook/pc/Mac/Linux& Pda tracking software. The software is a transparent theft protection, tracking and recovery software that can be installed on a laptop, desktop or PDA. Every time the device makes an internet connection, a stealth email message containing its exact location will be invisibly transmitted to a pre-determined email address of the users choice. It allows for the quick location and retrieval of your valuable property. Prevents loss of expensive equipment and intellectual property. Highly Tamperproof The software cannot be removed by unauthorized parties.

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