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VoIP Services
A.R.E Network Solutions also provides total VOIP options for TELCOS by providing Soft switches with state of the art technology.

Voice broadcasting is a mass communication system. It transmits messages to thousand of call recipients at the same time.  The software managers the database consisting of phone numbers as well as the messages. Using VoIP technology the system can broadcast thousands of messages to the phone numbers in the database. The advanced Voice broadcasting system can sense the difference between an answering machine and a human being attending the call.

A.R.E Network Solutions provides an avenue to promoters of various products and services with voice broadcasting options. This enables a promoter or an advertiser to reach their target audience by calling to their customer’s phone numbers and spreading their message through an automated voice file.

Cloud in combination with the A.R.E Network Solutions of your choice.
Cloud in tandem with server colocation at our data center or a data center of your choice.
Secondary cloud hosting platform established in parallel to an existing public or private cloud.
Cloud Solutions in combination with existing computing solutions elsewhere.
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Private clouds increase flexibility, security, and innovation
Enterprise Cloud Services – Private Cloud provides the ongoing management of your private cloud infrastructure using the Our managed service includes infrastructure lifecycle management for dedicated private clouds with HP’s skilled, global talent and best practices.
Ideal for: Companies that want to leverage cloud efficiency and flexibility while protecting sensitive data and proprietary information Combines

Ideal for: Companies that have computing resource needs that vary over time Flexibility and scalability with Logicworks’

Ideal for: Software, healthcare, financial service, and ecommerce companies High availability, performance, compliance and redundancy Complex Managed Hosting

Ideal for: Companies that want to leverage the full suite of features and applications from AWS while also benefiting from industry.

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