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Why Cloud Computing?
Cloud computing is a technology that uses the internet and central remote servers to maintain data and applications. Cloud computing allows consumers and businesses to use applications without installation and access their personal files at any computer with internet access. This technology allows for much more efficient computing by centralizing storage, memory, processing and bandwidth.

Cloud computing is the new model of IT a shift from traditional, on-site hardware and software setups to hosted data, resources and applications accessed via the Internet.

Today more services are offered as a cloud based infrastructure like Microsoft Office, Hosted Exchange, data storage and backup, accounting and more with cloud computing, you don’t necessarily need to manage hardware and  software most cloud-based solutions can be setup in a matter of a few days and cost far less than their traditional counterparts.

Key Benefits of Cloud Computing

Potentially under budget with hardware any installation.
Reduced operating costs.
Faster and lower-risk deployment.
Automatic upgrades that don’t impact IT resources.
Backup and disaster recovery protection.
Improved operational efficiencies.
Improved operational efficiencies.
Improved operational efficiencies.
VMware vCloud
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Comprehensive Cloud Solutions with - VMware vCloud
We support an array of business models, knowing a one-size-fits-all approach to Cloud hosting seldom works. Your concerns with latency, security, and modernization are gone. Our solution also lessens costs associated with high-traffic sites, redundant storage and large databases. We support an array of business models, knowing a one-size-fits-all approach to Cloud hosting seldom works. Your concerns with latency, security, and modernization are gone. Our solution also lessens costs associated with high-traffic sites, redundant storage and large databases.
Build and manage a complete cloud infrastructure with VMware vCloud Suite
This integrated solution fulfills the promise of the software-defined data center with the pooling of virtual infrastructure resources, including servers, storage, networking, security and availability, freeing you from the constraints of specialized hardware. VMware vCloud Suite also includes a self-service portal and catalog, policy-based infrastructure and application provisioning, and automated operations management to improve IT efficiencies and deliver the best SLAs for all your applications.
Together, the components of the vCloud Suite give you an integrated solution to deliver infrastructure as a service with comprehensive management and security.
vSphere Build cloud infrastructures on the leading virtualization platform with policy-based automation. Learn more
vCloud Director Deliver virtual data centers with software-defined services, multi-tenancy and public cloud extensibility. Learn more
vCloud Connector View and transfer resources, including virtual machines, vApps and templates across vSphere or vCloud Director-based private and public clouds. Learn more
vCloud Networking & Security Virtualize networking and security for enhanced operational efficiency. Learn more
vCenter Site Recovery Manager Protect every application with the simplest and most reliable automated disaster recovery planning, testing and execution. Learn more
vCenter Operations Manager Integrate and automate performance, capacity and configuration management in dynamic cloud environments. Learn more
vFabric Application Director Automate multi-tier application configuration and deployment. Learn more
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VMware vCloud Suite provides everything you need to deliver the promised agility of a private or hybrid cloud.
Users want faster response times. Management wants costs to go down. Yet 70% of current IT investment is tied up in maintaining outdated and complicated infrastructures, which are not getting any faster. Cloud computing provides a vastly more efficient, flexible, and cost-effective way for small and midsize businesses as well as large enterprises to meet their escalating needs. VMware offers an evolutionary and practical path to an on-demand, self-managed virtual infrastructure which harnesses the power of the cloud while ensuring security and preserving the value of your existing technology investments.
Public Cloud
Our vast experience in connectivity, advanced computing, and hosting solutions enables us to A.R.E Network Solutions with complex technologies. We match users up with the best hybrid solutions available. Learn more
Private Cloud Solutions address any special privacy, security, or compliance concerns regarding Cloud Computing. We address these reservations with a deployment of dedicated and secure resources using the of your choice. Learn more
Hybrid Cloud
Whether you have already made a substantial investment in your IT infrastructure, or you are simply looking to secure your data at an off-site location, Hybrid Cloud from us. Learn more
Cloud Server
Cloud Servers are resilient, high performance workhorses that are preconfigured to get you up and running instantly. You have complete control over these machines with root access. Learn more
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