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ARE Network Solutions also brings the following security- and trust-related considerations in the infrastructure models of cloud computing. We believe that gaining the advantages of cloud computing in the enterprise begins with establishing a trusted approach to the cloud. Just as we trust a financial institution with our valuables and monetary assets, a similar level and attributes of trust need to be established in cloud architecture. Hence the definition of private and virtual private clouds is based on the trust domain in addition to physical presence domains. The network can uniquely address trust in private clouds. Trust in a cloud data center centers on several core concepts: 1. Security: Traditional issues around data and resource access control, encryption, and incident detection are factors here. 2.Control: The ability of the enterprise to directly manage how and where data and applications are deployed and used. 3. Compliance and service-level management (SLA): This concept refers to contracting and enforcement of service-level agreements between varieties of parties, and conformance with regulatory, legal, and general industry requirements. ARE Network Solutions adopted the above core concepts in their solutions and services for cloud computing. This framework portrays the threat model of a cloud data center and the measures that one can take to mitigate security risks. Additionally, the framework shows the overarching controls, compliance, and SLA components. The key take-away in cloud data center security is that security should not be an afterthought or a building block; it should be pervasively implemented across all layers of architecture.


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