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Secure Online Backup

Our private cloud backs up and safeguards your files and documents.
Files and folders synced with A.R.E. Network Solutions are automatically backed up. We store multiple versions of every file without requiring you to run extra back up processes.

Recover What You Need
Traditional back up services often require complex processes to recover files and can also require you to recover more than you want. Our services allow you to recover lost files or previous file versions instantly, one file or folder at a time. Both end users and IT Admins can recover files easily. And all storage is online so instant access is ensured.

Your Documents are Safe
Enterprise-level security is critical to every business. The A.R.E. Network Solutions Private Cloud stores your files with quadruplicate replication in three geographically separate data centers, delivering 99.9999999% data resiliency to protect you from data loss. All files and transfers are secured with military-grade encryption and data centers are SAS70 Type II compliant. And to protect your files from user error continuous data protection allows instant restoration of past revisions or deleted files.

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