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Managed Services
Our Cloud Managed Services are designed to provide elastic value added services and back office applications from the core of our network. Using either our dedicated hosting solutions or virtual Infrastructure as a Services (IaaS) our product suite will allow your business to focus on its core services while we deliver seamless integration of your Cloud services into the network.

In the current African market technical resources are not only expensive but hard to find, using the IS Managed Cloud Services frees your business up from making large capex investments or opex commitments in infrastructure and services that may not be core to your business. By leveraging our economies of scale and our best of breed technologies, A.R.E Network Solutions offers you the agility to scale services as your business evolves.

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Managed Services
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  Managed Services
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  Managed Services
Today's enterprises are heavily dependent on IT (both application, platform and hardware infrastructure) for smooth running of their businesses. Enterprise routinely maintain and manage many critical applications such as Website and web-based applications, ERP packages, HR applications, Messaging platforms, Development platforms, to name just a few. All these applications require the correct hardware and system software platforms to run and network infrastructure, in order to be delivered to the customer's users - internal and external - to use.
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Additionally, Accel's MSOC includes world-class, international standards based physical infrastructure with redundant HVAC and advanced fire protection systems. Apart from this Accel has also invested heavily in procuring industry standards based IT infrastructure including servers, firewalls, and end computing devices, advanced monitoring & management tools with redundant bandwidth to monitor and manage the customer's IT landscape.
Clover has every aspect of your IT infrastructure covered. The growing criticality of the IT eco-system in the enterprises today has resulted in multitude of challenges. There is a need to provide 24x7 availability with a diversity of technologies, a multiplicity of applications and rapidly increasing transaction throughput. With the deep understanding of the scenario and keeping in mind the needs of the enterprises, we have developed a comprehensive Managed Services offering.

Our Services

Network managed Services
Through Network Managed Services, we can take full responsibility for your network, including planning, design and implementation, day-to-day operations and maintenance with your customers’ experience in focus.
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It managed services
Through IT Managed Services, we can take full responsibility for your IT environment, including complete application lifecycle management, application development, qmaintenance
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Broadcast managed services
The TV industry is undergoing fundamental changes with the transition to multi-platform, on-demand television. In our offering for media broadcasters,
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Network sharing
Changes in the telecom market are driving new forms of network sharing in response to tougher competition, spectrum and license shortages, and financial challenges.
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