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 While working in conjunction with SSS-Data Capture, the SSSV3E-Series surveillance system can turn into a POS-DVR surveillance system. By bringing video and POS transaction data together, the POS-DVR surveillance system provides visual contextual awareness to reduce shrinkage and protect asset against business losses.

 The POS-Data Capture is an external device for integrating Point of Sales (POS) transaction data with Digital Video Surveillance Systems.


  •  POS Video Text Overlay: Transaction text messages can be displayed on screen and on the video files. You may also choose to hide data from the screen view.
  • Quick Search: A quick-search function can facilitate your search for single video and playback video with transaction data. You may search by keyword in the receipt, by transaction event (start/stop/void), or by start time to playback the corresponding video.
  • POS Field Filter: Allows the user to use pre-defined transaction criteria to search in a field filter that will display the results in a newly created System Log. For example, all the transactions containing the keyword “coke” will be screened out.
  • Abnormal Transaction Alerts: When pre-defined abnormal transactions occur, such as transactions over a certain value amount, the system will automatically output alarm devices and activate an alert message via email, phone, or by SMS.  SEE VIDEO
  • Cash Drawer Input Setting: Allows the user to set module to the cash drawer so that whenever the cash drawer is open, an alert will be sent to the GV-DVR System site and the transaction will be saved in the System Log for later retrieval.
  • Advanced Search: Allows the user to access Advanced Log Browser to search for all the transaction lists within a specific time frame based on pre-defined transaction criteria.
  • Recording: Video and audio recording capable. Recording can be automatically activated when transaction starts.
  • Live Audio/Video Monitoring: Employees or store owners can monitor video and audio of cashier areas through browser.
  • Superimposing POS data: POS transaction data, camera name and time can be displayed on screen or on video file on different locations by pre-setting, as well as text font and color.
  • Transaction Database: All POS transaction data will be stored in Microsoft Access format database, capable of retroactive analysis.
  • Customer Flow Counting: Allows the system to calculate incoming and outgoing customers or cars for customer statistics.
  • Smart Search: Allows the user to pre-define a case-sensitive search area to pin point any suspicious shoplifter.
  • Dynamic IP Address Support: Saves networking expenses. Static IP is also supported.

One Source, Complete Solutions:

 A.R.E. Network solutions Data Capture/POS Division is a specialized distribution and value-add service division offering Auto ID/Data Capture (AIDC and RFID) Point-of-Sale (POS) and mobile computing products. With ongoing product   development and advancements in technology, we continue to create new applications for these products   used   in   corporate   offices,   government,   healthcare,   hospitality, manufacturing, retail and warehousing.

We deliver a comprehensive product line from the industry’s top manufacturers, including AML, DENSO, Hand Held Products, HP, IBM Retail Store Solutions, Metrologic, O’Neil, PSC, Samsung, Socket Communications, Symbol Technologies, WASP Barcode Technologies and Zebra. Customers receive expert support through regional sales and service offices, and our state-of-the-art product distribution centers across the United States and Canada.

Our customers also gain ready access to Ingram Micro’s expansive linecard, featuring best-of-breed complementary IT products. From computers to wireless network to security, Ingram Micro customers find a truly complete solution to complement their AIDC, POS and mobile applications.

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